Forum - How to Join

As a non-member of the Nicholson 31 Association you are able to view the Forum and see the Discussion Areas and the number of Topics and Posts in each one; however you will be unable to post anything on the Forum. In order to make posts, firstly you have to be a member of the Nicholson 31 Association - see how to join here.

Once you have become a member of the Nicholson 31 Association, by emailing the Honorary Webmaster you can request:

(a) A Forum Username and Password and

(b) To have an automatic feed of all posts being forwarded to your email address

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Forum - Rules

  • The contents of the Forum can be viewed by anyone; however, only members can contribute to the Forum discussions and its other sections
  • The Honorary Webmaster may from time to time review contributions made to assess whether they reflect the aims of the Association and delete those which don't
  • Any entry advertising products or services will be deleted
  • Any member requiring their unique username and password, should contact the Honorary Webmaster
  • Access to the Forum will be denied to any member who has not renewed her/his membership by 1st June in any year
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