Clear Perspex Washboards

Please share any technical modifications you have carried out to your 31. If possible, use the other forum areas for discussing solutions. ‘Tried and tested’ here please...
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Storm Shutters On/Over Portlites

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Jens on Tramontane has installed shutters... see his photos in the gallery.I would like to see a detail or two and perhaps some discussion. Jens?
Thanks, Bill.

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Our boards are kept on a small narrow shelf added under the chart table with a piece of shockcord to keep them flush against the bulkhead under the chart table. Works very well to keep them out of the way, but close at hand if they are needed in a hurry.

Peter Foston

Washboards and Blind

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Khamis is fitted with the standard two washboards and as the "gap" is wider at the top i had trouble with them jamming as i shipped them.
To get over the problem I fitted two vertical strips of teak forward of the metal channel and rebated them flush with the forward side.
Now I just push the lower board against the the teak strips near the top and let it slide down in the channel followed by the upper one.

I also fitted a "Roller Blind" (see pic of one on my previous Liz 29)
It is fitted to the underside of the pramhood by a zip so can be removed.
I find it most useful when underway with driving rain from astern.. One can keep the rain out of the cabin and yet have quick and easy access. Also when on a pontoon with a wind blowing from aft just roll it down to keep out the wind and still have light coming in and the ability to see out. We usually lower it at night in harbour so if it does rain who cares!!
Roller Blind.jpg
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