Yanmar 2QM20 parts

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Tony Irwin

Yanmar 2QM20 parts

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My Yanmar is being removed and replaced by a Beta 25hp as soon as I can manage it. The Beta is 3 cylinders, half the weight, a tidy installation and is freshwatercooled; and with a choice of gear ratios, it fits my propeller! The occasional problems the engine has suffered have been traced to a crack in the head, causing overpressure in the cooling system, resulting in overheating. and it is not worth the effort and cost of fixing it, so the parts are now for sale to help pay for the new engine:-
Martec freshwater cooling system, complete. It has worked extremely well for over three years and is well worth having, particularly because it is good for the engine to work at 75 deg instead of 55 deg, and also because it provides the hot water for the calorifier. needs a new anode, otherwise ready to work.
Gearbox complete and in good order, having been refurbished and provided with new plates.
All the other parts, including fuel pumps, injectors, rocker cover, fuel piping, starter motor[skimmed 2 years ago and working well], alternator, with support brackets, everything except the head and crankcase and the oiline at the rear.
if you want a part, either post here, email or snailmail me or phone. Details of addrress and numbers are on the member's list.
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