Toe Rail Replacement

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Toe Rail Replacement

Post by 101Ragamuffin »

I am working on replacing Ragamuffin's toe rails. I am not sure if they were original or they have been repaired before but there were two joints per side, all of the failed. I managed to remove them and now I need to work out the rest. I have a wood worker friend who is really good but he has no marine / toe rail experience. If someone did it or has seen the step by step process, I would be grateful for any info. A few question I am looking at
- Teak vs Iroko?
- Will have to join 3 pieces again or longer length timber is available?
- Will I have to steam it or it can be bent into shape? The rear end of mine is fixed with 4 screws near to each other which suggest to me that the toe rail was bent into place from there.
- Should I try to drill the holes into the timber to line up with the original holes in the deck or fill them and drill new ones.
- Type of sealant? Best application method?
- Leaking hull deck joint screws. Seal them individually before the new toe rail bolted on? Why not countersunk and nut at the bottom and the toe rail could have a flat bottom???

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Toe Rail Replacement

Post by 75Windmark »

Hi, I discovered from doing some repair work that the toe rails on Windmark #75 are not teak and are hollow, constructed in an inverted u-shape of two vertical pieces and a horizontal capping. Don't know if that is standard build; hope that helps...
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