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by Dan Roper
18 Aug 2013, 15:09
Forum: Cosmetics & Renovation
Topic: Engine cover clips.
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Engine cover clips.

Has anyone found suitable replacements for the clips on both the engine cover steps and the anchor well? The springs on all three catches have disappeared.
by Dan Roper
04 Apr 2007, 11:15
Forum: Rigs & Sails
Topic: Mainsheet Traveller
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Mainsheet traveller

Sorry for the delay! I have had similar problems with the mainsheet track. Only answer is to cut a hole in the cockpit and mount a watertight hatch or similar. I used a dinghy hatch, and have covered it with a throwing line apparatus! Dan Roper
by Dan Roper
14 Apr 2006, 22:33
Forum: Racing & Regattas
Topic: Azab 2007
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[quote="eclipsemullet"]I was having a look at the entries for the Azab 2007. There are two 32s and two 35s. Anyone up for it?] I did the last Azab, in a Storm 33. It is the most exciting thing I have done for some years. I would like to do it again, but although I have also been to the Azo...
by Dan Roper
09 Feb 2006, 23:34
Forum: Rigs & Sails
Topic: Cruising Chutes
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Crusing Chutes

I have had a cruising chute for several years and find it excellent in the right conditions.Ideally you want the wind on the quarter, and F4 or less. It can be a substitute for the engine if the wind is light. I find it best to have a tight luff and to sheet it as far aft as possible - I have a coup...