CANPA hatches hinge problems

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David Burch

CANPA hatches hinge problems

Postby David Burch » 15 Oct 2005, 04:28

My Nic 'HOPE' No. 117 has had problems with the stainless steel hinge pins corroding in the alluminium alloy frames - a perennial problem in our salt water environment. Eventually the SS failed involving an expensive job to extract the stump and replace.
This year's solution is to replace the original quarter inch (6.3 mm) pins with a pin made from 6.0 mm rod leaving more room for grease or barrier paint. I have also had the end of the new pins drilled and tapped for 4mm bolts to make extraction easier.

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Re: CANPA hatches hinge problems

Postby blueprintbill » 20 Sep 2019, 05:39

Does anyone have a old Canpa Hatch that’s still functional, available?
A friend forced my vberth hatch closed without releasing the pin and broke the working mechanism.
I hope and pray to find one that I can restore, anodizeand reinstall.

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