Cockpit Grate / Sole

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Cockpit Grate / Sole

Postby blueprintbill » 03 Oct 2019, 16:22

I still have my original teak cockpit grate and currently it has has started coming apart. It consists of a 1”x 2-1/2”teak perimeter frame with 1”x square transverse members and 1”x1/8” ( slender ), longitudinal members routed into the transverse members.
Over time, after a few minor re-gluings and one major overhaul, the long members have loosened up again and I have embarked on what can only be described as a really major rebuild.
The perimeter frame and transverse members are still intact and apparently structurally sound. I have removed the loose long members( gently hammering out the still secure portions), cleaned off all residual glue & or epoxy (?) and have set about re- epoxying them all back in place.
Given all of the above a few questions arise:
1. How have any of you owners resolved any issues re cockpit grates ?
2. In so doing repairs, what have been the outcomes ?
3. Has anyone made ( or purchased ) a wholesale replacement ?
4. If replaced , how so ? In kind ? If not, how varied ? By whom ? And at what cost(s) ?
I’m sure there must be info out there, as these things do wear, and don’t last forever !

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Re: Cockpit Grate / Sole

Postby 005Showa » 12 Nov 2019, 13:37

There was no grate in the cockpit when I purchased Showa. about 3 years ago I made one out of Jatoba, also known as Brazilian cherry, ranking over 2800 on the Janka Hardness Scale. Jataba is extremely dense and hard making it resistant if not somewhat impervious to water absorption, it has so far held up perfectly, often soaked in salt water. Colour is very closely matched to Teak, I think nicer, to the point of hard to tell the difference. I have a few trim projects done on the boat with this wood and believe the woods longevity will prove itself over time.
Only draw back is it's harness when working it, have a good saw blade.

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