Jib needed

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Jib needed

Postby snowgoose » 09 Feb 2016, 18:05

Greetings all,
our jib is finally going the way of all sails. We are based in the Hamble River in the UK. Does anyone have a jib we might purchase which would last for a few more years? Alternatively, if we have to go new, can anyone provide advice, recommendation or comment please?
Many thanks
Angus Watson
Snow Goose of Hamble (no.94)

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Re: Jib needed

Postby dubhe » 09 Mar 2016, 16:23

We have a 140 genoa in cruising laminate by 'Quantum', now 'One Sails', that should last another season; free to a good home but not worth paying transport from the East Coast. Should be down your way in June/July (as always, it's weather-dependent), so I could bring it along. We replaced it with a similar sail but with more expensive laminate. It sets really well but wasn't cheap...

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