ALYA got a new engine.

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ALYA got a new engine.

Postby jpbsail » 20 Nov 2005, 03:51

Beginning of october we had our Nic laid up in La Rochelle in order to have the engine changed.
The old Yanmar 2QM20 was taken out (it had to be dismantled partially to be handled more easily) and a few days later a brand new Yanmar 3YM30 was lowered through the hatch.
The new engine being much smaller and lighter, it was much easier to handle.
The following work was done by the local Yanmar shop:
-Remove the old engine
-Remove the shaft and propeller
-Remove the water intake
-Remove all the exhaust gear
-Remove the fuel tank lid, the fuel line and the fuel sump valve. Clean the tank.
-Fit new water intake, raw water filter.
-Fit new fuel line and valve with a good prefilter, fuel return line and valve, sump valve. Paint and refit the tank lid.
-Mount new exhaust with Vetus water lock
-Manufacture aluminum base plates (1 in. thick) in order to reuse the existing fixation holes and accomodate Vetus silent blocks
-Mount new engine fitted with a special exhaust bend, a 90A Mastervolt alternator and Vetus silent blocks
-Mount a Volvo shaft seal, a new shaft and a big two bladed Radice propeller

Splendid work. The engine is extremely powerful and propels our Nic at around 5.5 knots at 1900 RPM ! Even going against strong headwinds is quite easy now. We just have to be careful not to overpower her! The alternator charges the batteries in excess of 20 amps for each bank at 1000 RPM already.

Here is a picture of the new marvel.



Postby AJMoore » 20 Nov 2005, 23:44

That is one neat little engine. Very impressed!

Tony Irwin

ALYA got a new engine

Postby Tony Irwin » 22 Nov 2005, 03:10

It looks great and I wish you smooth running.
What have you done with the old one, as the parts may be very useful? A gearbox, for example, is worth having.


Re: ALYA got a new engine

Postby jpbsail » 22 Nov 2005, 03:50

Tony, the old engine was sold for a very good price and helped to cushion the "sticker shock" after receiving the bill for the new one! LOL...


New engine

Postby mccombie » 30 Jul 2006, 12:00

I was very interested in the account of your new engine. Some questions, you mention a two bladed prop I have a three bladed one, I presume yours gives less drag when sailing, is this the case. How quiet is the new engine. Would you do anything differently now you've had this year's experience.

graham Wilson
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Replacing the old Yanmar

Postby graham Wilson » 13 Aug 2008, 22:59

Has anyone any recommendations for an new engine that is easy to fit into the original engine beds? Does a Beta go in for example?

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Re: ALYA got a new engine.

Postby hope » 11 Jul 2015, 10:01

We have just changed to a 3ym30 ,its a tight fit using the yanmar mounts,are the vetus ones performing OK ? Dave

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