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Anchor Locker Modifications

Posted: 01 Feb 2017, 13:11
by dubhe
From Robert Cornwell:

"I own Ursa Minor hull 40 and wondered if it would be possible to create a
self contained self draining anchor well as a combination of the upper and
lower wells. My aim was to stop a smelly bilge after recovering the
anchor from a nasty seabed. I have looked at other yachts and reckon it
might be possible on the Nicholson 31 to totally seal the anchor well from
the main bilge and create a modern separate unit."

Any suggestions?

Re: Anchor Locker Modifications

Posted: 19 Apr 2018, 19:34
by 40ursa_minor
I have now plugged the bottom of the anchor well and epoxied in a new floor just above the waterline, after many measurements, and drilled in weep holes just above the waterline with a clamshell fairing. I discussed this with a naval architect very familiar with the nic31 and my surveyor and both gave the thumbs up to the modification. This season will be a trial and I hope to report on a favourable result.
Ursa Minor

Re: Anchor Locker Modifications

Posted: 11 Nov 2018, 21:09
by 40ursa_minor
I have now completed a full season with my modified anchor well and it has worked a treat. No more smelly bilges, I just throw buckets of water over the chain and windlass and watch the muck ooze out of the weep holes. I have got 54m of 8mm chain but could easily put more in. Why 54 well it was a bin end that was supposed to be about 70 but I cab back it up with 25m of warp.